Kenneth L. McVearry

Dear Jimmy,

I am writing to endorse you and your company and to also thank you for the great services you provided and the excellent home you built for me at Landfall in Wilmington, NC. The quality of the home is outstanding. We get many, many compliments not only from our friends but also from passersby on the golf course.

All of my family and friends find the house extremely comfortable and livable. I credit you with making this happen by your design, the flexibility you have shown in building and the quality of all your sub contractors. During the construction, it was very obvious that all of your sub contractors loved working with you and as a result, they did better work and it showed in their attention to detail and responsiveness to my requests.

After we settled, I suspect with many homebuilders there is a delay in getting them to respond with any issues that may arise. That is not the case with Doster Building Company and you always personally returned calls promptly and quickly corrected any issues. You did this not only during the warranty but after the warranty ended as well. Even to this day, if I need something at the house, I never hesitate to contact you and you never hesitate to help and always come up with an appropriate solution and use the correct vendor.

I am guessing that our process was 10-11 months from start to finish and during that time and the 5 years since, I have never been disappointed with you and you have always done what you would say you would do and this is a pleasant surprise. We have always been able to work out any issues in a professional and friendly manner. From my point of view, I have always been extremely satisfied with the results. We interviewed a number of builders and I can only say we chose the best for us and I suspect for many other that choose you as well. In my opinion, anyone who has an opportunity to work with you as their builder should do so. I am confident they will have a great experience just as Theresa and I have.

I look forward to a long continued relationship.

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